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Feel free to have a quick look. Contact me at 416-953-1847 if I can be of any assistance. Sunward Group Limited.

Sunward Group Limited Privacy Policy.

  • no personal information is collected unless you provide it
  • all information is collected for ongoing business operations and is used to provide answers to questions provided, to supply product details, ordering, and general contact
  • all information will be used only for business purposes by Sunward
  • only senior staff, managers, and directors of Sunward will have access to this information. Where required, other employees of Sunward will have any required access to perform their duties
  • no information will be given to third parties without your permission
  • any and all information and or requests for illegal, dangerous end use, or criminal end use may be forwarded to appropriate authorities without notice
  • all information will be retained on existing computers and backup storage devices as long as deemed necessary.
  • any information to be disposed of will be done so only by deleting current files and emails. Archived data will not be changed unless ordered to do so by court order.
  • marking any correspondence “Private” and /or “Confidential” may not ensure the handling of said correspondence as such.
  • All correspondence sent and or mailed to Sunward will become the property of Sunward regardless of how addressed or marked. Sunward shall be free to post or redistribute the information regardless of how marked.
  • Business clients and purchasers may have their information on file as required by tax laws and may not be subject to deletion if requested.
  • Business clients and purchasers may have their credit information and or payment history supplied to other credit agencies, and/or other suppliers, and/or other companies.
  • Usage time may be monitored by Sunward or a contracted company for internal use. This information may be stored on a third party’s system
  • Links: some links in this site may lead to other sites not covered by this Privacy Policy or controlled by Sunward
  • this policy is subject to change without notice.
  • E.&O.E.